Why do a C1 level test? You don’t need to be afraid of level tests anymore, they are just another tool to learn a language. Same as going to the gym, it’s a good exercise that will help you get in good shape.  On the other hand knowing your English level will help you have a greater control over your language learning. It will let you know where you’re at and what is the next step you need to take.

C1 is for Advanced users of the language. That’s when you can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. You can express express ideas fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.

Can you master the C1 level test? Try it NOW!

  1. Do this QUIZ
  2. After you have finished you can check the answers below in case you need any help:

1. If ……
 A. I would know
 B. I would have known
 C. I had known
 D. I had had known

…… you were coming, I would have baked a cake!     

2. The flight to London was ……
 A. more less
B. much less
 C. more or less
 D. least

…… expensive than I thought.     

3. You ……
 A. should be
 B. must be
 C. must been
D. must have been

…… exhausted after your exam yesterday.     

4. It ……
A. has been
 B. was be
 C. must been
 D. must have been

…… ages since the last time I ……     

5. I ……
 A. eat
 B. have ate
 C. have eaten
 D. ate

…… Indian food.     

6. She was late for work today because she ……
 A. must
 B. had
 C. have
 D. should

…… to go to the doctor’s.     

7. I ……
 A. hope
 B. await
 C. expect
 D. wait

…… that we arrive on time. I don’t want to miss the beginning.     

8. If we had told the truth, we could have ……
 A. escaped
 B. lost
 C. avoided
 D. missed

…… the entire disagreeable situation completely.     

9. I had never seen it before, and ……
 A. still
B. yet
 C. just
 D. even

…… I knew exactly what to do.     

10. I asked my sister if ……
 A. she had buy
 B. she would bought
C. she had bought
 D. she bought

…… a bottle of perfume for me at the airport.     

Form the correct compound noun
11. behaviour
 A. infectious
B. outrageous

12. drugs
 A. luxurious
B. dangerous

13. request
 A. portable
B. unreasonable

14. deeds
A. courageous
 B. horrendous

15. food
 A. industrious
B. nutritious

16. position
 A. fashionable
B. enviable

17. disease
 A. religious
B. infectious

18. urge
A. uncontrollable
 B. incurable

19. future
 A. interminable
B. foreseeable

20. achievement
 A. outrageous
B. tremendous

Choose the correct preposition to complete the phrasel noun
21. I am going to buy something for dinner from the Chinese take ……
A. away
 B. around

22. There have been a lot of break …… in our neighbourhood recently.
 A. ups
 B. ins

23. His car was a total write …… after the accident.
A. on
 B. off

24. I am always on the look …… for bargains!
A. out
 B. around

25. We had a 20 minute delay at the airport before take ……
 A. on
B. off