Why do a B2 level tests ? You don’t need to be afraid of level tests anymore, they are just another tool to learn a language. Same as going to the gym, it’s a good exercise that will help you get in good shape.  On the other hand knowing your English level will help you have a greater control over your language learning. They will let you know where you’re at and what is the next step you need to take.

B2 is for upper intermediate users of the language. That’s when you can understand and communicate more complex topics as well as abstract ideas.  You can express ideas fluently and spontaneously for a regular interaction with native speakers.

Can you master the B2 level test? Try it NOW!

  1. Do this QUIZ
  2. After you have finished you can check the answers below in case you need any help:
 A. I haven’t been
 B. I haven’t gone
 C. I didn’t been
 D. I didn’t gone

…… to the theatre for ages.  

2. A motorbike ……
 A. doesn’t cost so much as
 B. doesn’t cost much as
 C. doesn’t cost much than
 D. doesn’t cost as much as

…… a car.     

3. I told him ……
 A. don’t go there.
 B. not to go there.
 C. don’t to go there.
 D. that he doesn’t go there.

4. I wish ……
 A. you haven’t said that.
 B. you didn’t said that.
 C. you hadn’t said that.
 D. you don’t say that.

 A. He had repaired his car
 B. He had his car repaired
 C. He repairs his car
 D. He did his car repaired

…… after the accident.     

6. Don’t forget ……
 A. to call your mother
 B. calling your mother
 C. call your mother
 D. calling to your mother

…… on her birthday!     

7. If you had asked me ……
 A. I might had gone
 B. I might have been
 C. I might have gone
 D. I might would have

…… to the cinema with you.     

 A. They are use to go to bed
 B. They usually to go to bed
 C. They are used to go to bed
 D. They are used to going to bed

…… very early.     

 A. What’s her new boyfriend like?
 B. What’s like her new boyfriend?
 C. How is her new boyfriend?
 D. How her new boyfriend is?

 A. After we had dinner at home, we went to the theatre.
 B. After we had had dinner at home, we went to the theatre.
 C. After dinner at home, we went to the theatre.
 D. After dinner at home, we had gone to the theatre.

Which is the correct one?
11. While we …… on the high street, a man came up to us.
 A. were walking
 B. walking

12. I …… know him, a very long time ago.
 A. used to
 B. use to

13. When they lived in Paris, they …… to work every day.
 A. walk
 B. would walk

14. Don’t forget …… him to come to dinner on Friday.
 A. to tell
 B. telling

15. Don’t start …… again. You are giving me a headache!
 A. to complain
 B. complaining

Choose the correct word
16. Marbella is a beautiful town …… the sea.
 A. beside
 B. besides

17. I need your decision …… eight o’clock.
 A. until
 B. by

18. The …… of the newspapers were full of the scandal.
 A. titles
 B. headlines

19. Luggage …… at the airport is impossible these days.
 A. inspection
 B. control

20. The government is planning to …… taxes again soon.
 A. raise
 B. rise

Which word doesn’t fit?
 A. box office
 B. food mixture
 C. stage
 D. footlights

 A. branch
 B. leaf
 C. sleeve
 D. twig

 A. cooker
 B. root
 C. fridge
 D. dishwasher

 A. collar
 B. cuff
 C. sink
 D. lape

 A. clinic
 B. ward
 C. trunk
 D. x-ray


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