Why do level tests B1? You don’t need to be afraid of level tests anymore, they are just another tool to learn a language. Same as going to the gym, it’s a good exercise that will help you get in good shape.  On the other hand knowing your English level will help you have a greater control over your language learning. They will let you know where you’re at and what is the next step you need to take.

B1 is for intermediate users of the language. That’s when you can understand, communicate in almost all situations.  You can communicate beyond personal information and describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Can you master the B1 level test? Try it NOW!

  1. Do the quiz
  2. Check the answers below if you need some help:


1. I have been living in Madrid ……
 A. since ten years.
 B. ten years ago.
 C. for ten years.
 D. ten years.

2. This is the ……
 A. harder
 B. hardest
 C. hard
 D. more hard

…… thing I have ever done.     

3. Have you finished with the newspaper ……
 A. still?
 B. already?
 C. now?
 D. yet?

4. If I want to pass my exam, I ……
 A. will have to
 B. would have to
 C. had to
 D. want to

…… study harder.     

5. Michael is ……
 A. not so clever than
 B. not as clever than
 C. not as clever as
 D. not so clever as

…… his sister.     

 A. Very little
 B. Very less
 C. Very least
 D. Very few

…… people eat very healthy food.     

 A. We told him going to the doctor.
 B. We told him to go to the doctor.
 C. We told him he go to the doctor.
 D. We told that he goes to the doctor.

8. What ……
 A. does you
 B. do you do
 C. will you do
 D. do you

…… now?     

9. He hasn’t got ……
 A. many
 B. few
 C. a lot
 D. much

…… time for a coffee.     

10. I have arranged ……
 A. to have
 B. having
 C. have had
 D. had

…… dinner with Barbara on Thursday.     

Is the sentence correct?
11. I have never been in Scotland.
 A. False
 B. Correct

12. We are going to Brazil in the summer.
 A. False
 B. Correct

13. It costed me thirty Euros to get the visa.
 A. False
 B. Correct

14. I can swim when I was five.
 A. False
 B. Correct

15. What are you doing next weekend?
 A. False
 B. Correct

16. He must finish the job yesterday.
 A. False
 B. Correct

17. You shouldn’t collect me from the office, it isn’t necessary.
 A. False
 B. Correct

18. She’s married to a doctor, doesn’t she?
 A. False
 B. Correct

Choose the correct pronoun
19. There’s a woman …… handbag was stolen.
 A. who’s
 B. whose

20. The guy …… we met at the concert is a friend of my brother.
 A. who
 B. that

21. A social networking site is …… you can meet new people.
 A. when
 B. where

22. …… one do you want? The red one or the blue one?
 A. What
 B. Which

23. They invited us to dinner …… is very nice of them.
 A. which
 B. that

24. He’s that famous actor …… is always on TV.
 A. which
 B. who

25. …… book is this?
 A. Who’s
 B. Whose


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