The difference between nuts and walnuts is specially interesting to a Spanish speaker. The first ones aren’t ‘nueces‘ like many Spanish imagine them to be, it’s a generic category normally used to refer to the different kinds of nuts (cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts…) that is… frutos secos.

Remember walnuts are the ones you can call ‘nueces’ and hazelnuts are ‘avellanas’.

If you have two left feet you probably wouldn’t be called for the next ‘Dirty dancing’ movie.

On the other hand to be dancing in the streets is to be extremely happy about something.

For those of you living in the warmer regions of the world. What is the difference between a moose and a reindeer? There are plenty in countries like Sweden, but in case you don’t have the time to go up there and check them out just remember that the ones pulling Santa’s sleigh are reindeer, their antlers are sharper and look like branches from a tree. On the other hand moose are even bigger than reindeer and their antlers look like hands (big ones!), they are flatter, it seems as they’re soft (the hair gives them a velvet texture)…

Ok so can you remember which one is Santa’s?

This one is easier, lightning and thunder. I’m talking about a flash of light that can be seen in the sky before a storm. One you see and the other one you hear. Which one is which?

Turning onto emotions, people want to be happy and escape sadness, but sadness can actually be good for you. It can help you recognise and fully understand a problem. We saw two other negative emotions: disappointment. It happens when something or someone is not as good as you hoped. Example: If you studied hard for an exam but failed you may feel disappointed. To our great disappointment it rained every day of the trip.

Spanish and English speakers can get confused with embarrassment. If you say ‘estoy muy embarazada‘ in Spanish, beware! people will not try to console you, but probably will get excited and congratulate you, because you just told them you’re pregnant, very pregnant :))) You better go with ‘estoy muy avergonzada‘.

You feel embarrassed when you feel shy, guilty or ashamed about something. Example:

The scandal was a major embarrassment for the government.

Animism – It’s a kind of religion practiced by native peoples in different parts of the planet. A student defined it as people who adore, or love nature and can see God in it, in a great mountain, a beautiful river, a giant python, a powerful eagle, a mighty puma or a furious thunder.

Binge-watching – Was the word of the year in 2015. The first time you got your hands on one of these new cool tv series and it was Friday and you didn’t go out and you just stayed all night long watching one episode after another. You probably didn’t realise it at the moment, but you had just become another victim of the binge-watching monster. Examples: 1. 50 shows to binge watch this year. 2. They don’t watch TV, but they binge watch netflix on their laptop all day long. 3. Is binge watching bad for you?

Sorority  (Alicia) –  The mutual support of women to achieve the power of all. It’s an alliance of women that fosters trust, reciprocal recognition of authority and support.

As you know, this Friday is 8th of March. The working women’s day and it’s important for me the word is related to this day.

I hope this Friday you and my friends can go to the demonstration in the afternoon.

Highlight (Cristina) – The highlights of an event, activity, or period of time are the most interesting or exciting parts of it. «Watch the Highlights from Ariana Grande’s ‘One Love Manchester’ benefit concert. »

Resilience (Raquel) – Resilient are People and things that are resilient are able to recover easily and quickly from unpleasant or damaging events. Resilience is an uncountable noun: …the resilience of human beings to fight after they’ve been attacked. The Secrets of Resilience. What does it take to conquer life’s adversities? Lessons from successful adults who overcame difficult childhoods.