Above all, thanks to all of you who have relied on Hobby to improve your Spanish. Behind this project there is much effort and great enthusiasm back that progress continues thanks to the students that you are looking for new ways to learn the language.

I know that sometimes learning languages can cause much frustration, but I have to say that I am very proud to see how many have overcome their fears and have taken to traveling, and even to living in other countries, they have obtained certificates or it has helped them to start communicating with foreigners in their own environment.

From Lecue’sEye of the Tiger‘ to Fatima’s stroll through ‘Barrio de las Letras’ with her guide-dog ‘Maddie‘, language exchange meetups, class conversations, these five years lots of things have happened.

Although there’s a great fear of being on camera, it has also given us great moments. Students have also shared their art in powerpoint, our blog or class presentations, who deserve much merit and has helped other students.

That’s why we have looked back and created a top 3 in different categories, which we will no doubt beat this year. I know that many have been left out, so file your complaints because sometimes (very few) even the teacher can be wrong. 😀

You know that our doors are always open whenever you’re ready. This year we continue reinventing the wheel, with very fresh proposals, so that you can learn Spanish and have fun.

Many thanks to everyone for these five years!