Hobby Languages offers you the opportunity of learning Spanish through the translation of texts to English with the perspective of winning a refreshing craft beer to reward your effort.

Translating is a very useful tool to learn a language. It is also an interesting challenge because the art in a good translation is not being literal, but finding the words or expressions that are closer to what is being said in your own language.

This is how it goes: Translate the text and send it to us (hello@hobbylanguages.com) and in exchange you will receive corrections.

This way you will help enriching English in the web, you will help other people learn Spanish, and specially you will help yourself!

There are only 5 text to translate, but the top translator will earn a refreshing Craft Beer.

Nivel Avanzado


Sevilla (ciudad amiga de la bici)

La luz de Vicente Ferrer (necesita transcripción y traducción al inglés)

Nivel Intermedio

Tu Amor me hace bien (Marc Anthony)