Hello People!!!

Hobby Languages is going on holidays during August. I want to thank you all for enlightening me (even more, hahaha) and helping me grow during this year.

I hope students have also taken something away (besides free candy) and they continue to bet on fun when it comes to learning. Students have always surprised me with their anecdotes, stories, song picks (nobody has chosen Enrique Iglesias yet!!!) or films, but what I really love to see is how students loosen up and start feeling much more confident with Spanish.

Hobby Languages has consolidated during the year its two main facets, working with companies during in the morning and with private clients (specially Erasmus students) during the afernoons in Calle Huertas (in the literary neighborhood of Madrid).

Next year we will go on applying the same formula and hope that mouth to mouth continues attracting Spanish students to try a new method that chooses fun and an active class where everybody makes their contribution.

Check out our new courses starting 29th of September all the info is now updated on our website:


Have a great summer!!! B-)