Secrets to learning English:

1. Keep it simple and fun.

2. Set some clear and obtainable goals.

Long term – e.g. I want to be an intermediate speaker in two years. / I want to stay with a french family for two weeks.

Shorter term – e.g. I will learn a recipe every month / I will learn how to conjugate well the past tense in two months

2. Important: They have to be your own goals, they have to be realistic and obtainable. Write them down on a piece of paper, put some dates, and when the dates come check on them.

3. Useful study exercises.

Why study? Going only to class is not enough. Going to class is great for guidance and motivation, but it is you who is going to make the difference. It is you who has to learn the language.

If you like football think of it like this. Studying home is the training, the class is the football game, talking to real speakers is the really exciting and most rewarding football game.

When it comes to study, studying effectively is most important, the student with a good study method can study more in 2 hours a week, than another one in ten hours a week. We recommend higher frequency with less study time (eg. 4 times a week 30 min) than single days with intensive hours (e.g..1 day a week 2 hours)

Here are some recommended exercises by our students:

a. WRITING: Create a Whatsapp group with friends, write down a song, write a diary, write down récipes, write down songs.

b. READING & COMPREHENSION: Reading tales for children, graduated reading of novels, reading the lyrics of a song, translate songs into your language

c. SPEAKING: Playing videogames online (live conversation), for parents: Speaking with your children, Speed Dating

d. GRAMMAR: Online exercises: Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time with every exercise and repeat until perfect. Here quality is more important than quantity. La mansión del inglés, Duolingo (App), Toefl (App), Create a dictionary (words), Create a dictionary (by topics: The bathroom, the kitchen,  the restaurant, the body parts, the airport…), Headway, Online dictionaries (

e. LISTENING: Listen to the Beatles (very good for beginners), Watch movies and tv series (with subtitles, Spanish for starters, English for higher levels), Do active listening exercises (Hobby Languages), Ted talks, BBC 6 minutes English, Vaughan Radio & TV

Any other secrets? Share them in comments.