Spring starts with some delicious cultural food, check it out! Newspapers: The Guardian, Teheran Times, Nigeria Tribune Magazines: The Economist (news and politics), Der Spiegel English (news and politics), Enterteinment Weekly (cinema), Hops to table (beer) Online TV: Aljazeera, ted.com, youtube Interviewers: David Letterman, Inside the Actors Studio, BBC Hard Talk Fun: Comedians in cars getting coffee, laguirihabla (youtube) Personality of the month: John Cleese Music: Orchestal Manouvers in the Dark (80), Jason Mraz (Surf), Nickelback (90-00), Lucky Dube (Reggae Sudáfrica) Blogs & Webs: Changemakers, crowdacy, milleniumvillages.org Books: Setting the table “Danny Meyer” Movies: The way (Emilio Estevez), 12 years a Slave (Steve McQueen), The Physician (Philipp Stölzl) Not enough? Add your recommendations in comments. Thanx!