Cultural Food February 14’

If you are learning English, or if you want to get more familiar with english culture here are some of our recommendations.

We don’t want to invade this section with thousands of names, we want to keep it short and simple. Bear in mind that there will be a maximum of 10 categories and there will be a maximum of 5 names per category so that it isn’t too messy.

Cultural food will be updated monthly. Please give us more recommendations through comments so that each month we can enjoy tastier meals. Enjoy!

Newspapers: The Guardian, The Moscow News, Al Akhbar English, Iberosphere

Magazines:, Der Spiegel English, Enterteinment Weekly

Internet Videos: aljazeera,

Interviewers: David Letterman, Inside the Actors Studio, BBC Hard Talk

Fun: Comedians in cars getting coffee, laguirihabla (youtube), Louis CK

Music: Bruno Mars, Sugar Man, Morrissey

Blogs: WWOOF, changemakers, crowdacy

Books: Thomas Lynch «The Good Funeral», Anne Frank «The Diary of a young girl»